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Tony Moreno, drums

New-York-based drummer Tony Moreno is simply one of the most sought after musicians of his profession. He tours all around the world and teaches at New York University Jazz Program. He also teaches at City College of New York, and has done many clinics in France, Canada, Spain, Germany, Denmark and the US.

Tony Moreno endorses Paiste Cymbals and LeSoprano Drums


Live at 42nd Street Jazz Festival 2013 performance with the TONY MORENO sextet including Jean-Michel Pilc, Ron Horton, Ugona Okegwo, Tony Moreno and Marc Mommaas.


Tony Moreno was born March 13th 1956 in Manhattan, NY. His mother, Nina Dunkel Moreno, was a major influence on his interests in music. She was a harpist, musicologist and teacher who studied at Juilliard and the Fontainebleau Conservatory of Music with Marcel Grandjany, Nadia and Lilli Boulanger and Pierre Jamet. She received the Premier Prix de Harpe/Prix Lili Boulanger in August 1954.Besides performing solo harp pieces and chamber music, she was an accomplished pianist , musicologist and educator. She recorded various albums of folk music (Monitor) from The Netherlands, France, Spain and Japan. After a number of years touring, she decided to work in NYC. But the emphasis was on standards and popular music of the times. She worked very hard at developing a pedaling technique for the concert harp that allowed her to play changes. These were all solo gigs. The Hilton Hotel in midtown, recitals, chamber groups. Freelance. She later worked at Charles French Restaurant in Greenwich Village for a number of years, where she met many great composers (Alec Wilder, Vernon Duke and Burt Bacharach) and musicians (Stan Koor). Stan was Tony’s first drum teacher with whom he began a long apprenticeship at 10, continuing throughout high school. Practicing was not allowed in your apartment at a certain period in Manhattan (can you say gentrification?), so Tony began commuting to various locations to practice. Tribeca, a deserted beauty parlor on Madison Ave. and finally at Gosta Peterson’s studio. Being a photographer and trombonist and jazz fan, he let me practice in his studio. By 15 years of age I finally had my own space at Westbeth, where I worked for 42 years and eventually lost everything to hurricane Sandy. My grandfather, Eugene Borisovitch Dunkel, was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1890. After studying at The Moscow School of Art, he returned home. The Russian Revolution forced him to flee to Istanbul, Turkey. There he served under the King as The Director of The Ceramics Collection. He later moved to Paris, where he became set designer for The Ballets Russes. His fellow artists included Salvador Dali (who gave my grandfather a gouache watercolor as a gift, which I had to sell) and Marc Chagall. He opened his first studio for set design for The New York Opera and Ballet on Hudson Street. The paint mixer was Jackson Pollock. He was also a portraitist and and painter. From Impressionist, to Abstract, as well as a portrait of my mother, aged 3, in the style of "The Old Masters". Particularly Vermeer. Tony began playing and studying the piano at the Dalcroze School of Music at 4. At the age of 11, Tony’s mom took him to the neighborhood club to hear Elvin Jones, from whom he purchased his first set of drums and cymbals a week later. Tony studied with Elvin at Frank Ippolito’s Professional Percussion Center over the next 6 years (depending on Elvin’s schedule!).The trio was with Jimmy Garrison and Joe Farrel. Besides us, there were 2 other people in the club. “I went a few times a week to Frank’s; either for my lesson with Elvin, or just to hang. I made many close friends there: Papa Joe, Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, Mel Lewis, Gene Krupa, Billy Cobham. All the great drummers were there. It was heaven.” Tony also attended Jazz Interactions in NYC, where he studied with Al Heath, Art Blakey and Freddie Waits. Tony also met Bob Moses, who as a drummer and composer, encouraged the idea of writing and performing original music. After attending the Manhattan School of Music, Tony freelanced in NY and began working in Europe, where he resided for 6 years and began touring and recording extensively. Oslo, Stockholm, London, Paris, Aux-En-Provence, Berlin, Koln, Milan, Parma, Madrid, Barcelona, Tangiers. And all points in between. In 1989, Tony returned to NYC with his wife, Susan Wedgle. His mother passed away a few weeks before our son, Evan’s birth. Tony began gigging and teaching and recording soon after arriving back to town. Tony teaches at New York University’s Jazz Performance Program (Dr. David Schroeder) and Columbia University’s Louis Armstrong Jazz Studies Program (Dr. Chris Washbourne) as well as City College of New York and privately. Tony has appeared on over 100 recordings, as well as television, DVD’s, concert footage, radio broadcasts and youtube. Tony Moreno endorses Paiste Cymbals (Andrew Shreve) and plays Sonor Hi Lites, Pro Lites and Q2 drums





Some of the Musicians that Tony Moreno played with:

Mal Waldron, Bill Frisell, Sonny Fortune, Sal Nistico, Palle Danielsson, Paul McCandless, Elvin Jones, Dave Liebman, Paul Bley, Phillip Catherine, Sam Rivers, Billy Drewes, Jaki Byard, Jimmy Lions, Richie Beirach, Jim Pepper, Chico Freeman, Peter Warren, Haze Greenfield, Joe Newman, Anne-Marie Moss, Jay Anderson, The Jazz Passengers, Uffe Markussen, Ricky Ford, Kenny Wheeler, Jorge Sylvester, Bruce Arnold, Barry Harris, Doug Raney, Gene Shimosato, Chris Potter, Michel Portal, Steffano Bataglia, Frank Foster, Harvie Swartz, Billy Harper, Steve Amirault, Ratzo Harris, Mino Cinelu, Joey Calderazzo, John Purcell, The Lounge Lizards, Dave Kikoski, Bob Rockwell, Tiger Okoshi, Ira Coleman, Marc Ribot, Ravi Coltrane, Marc Copland, Bob Belden, Dean Johnson, Russ Lossing, Jim Snidero, Roberto Bonati, Jack Walrath, Aydin Essen, Lonnie Plaxico, Ben Besiakow, Mark Feldman, Dave Stryker, Gary Thomas, Tim Hagans, Mike Formanek, Pierre Favre and many more.


Selected tours

Tribute to Elvin Jones w/ Larry Willis, Eddie Henderson. Miguel-Angel Chastang, Frank Lacy and Sonny Fortune (Spain, France 06/07), Timucin Sahin – Greg Osby Quartet ( Turkey, Azerbaijan), Tony Moreno Quintet with Frank Kimbrough, Dean Johnson, Ron Horton and Marc Mommaas 2009 (U.S.), Jean-Michel Pilc Trio ( U.S.), Mal Waldron Trio (France, Spain), Jurgen Friedrich Trio/Quartet with Dave Liebman 2005-09 (Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria and the U.S.), Tony Moreno Trio w/ Bill Gerhardt and Mike Holstein 2005-/06 (U.S.), Gene Ess - Ravi Coltrane - Matt Garrison - Tony Moreno (Spain), Tony Moreno Quintet w/ Tony Malaby and Ralph Alessi 2008 (U.S.), ParmaFrontiere Orchestra-European Jazz Orchestra 2005/06/07 (Italy, Tunisia), Barry Harris Trio (Spain), Dave Phillips and Freedance (France, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico and the U.S.), Alex Heitlinger Ensemble 2006/08(U.S.), Marc Mommaas and Global Motion 2009 (Holland, Denmark, Spain and the U.S.), Tony Moreno Trio w/ Ben Monder and John Hebert 2008 (Italy), Spooky Actions (Moscow; 05/06), Kendra Shank Quartet 2005-09 (U.S.), Lounge Lizards w/John Lurie, Evan Lurie, Marc Ribot, Curtis Fowlkes, E.J. Rodriguez, Roy Nathanson (U.S., Japan, England, Germany, France, Switzerland), Tony Moreno-Billy Harper-Dean Johnson-Dave Kikoski (Spain).







CBS-Sony EMI, Owl, Polydor/Polygram, BMG, Antilles, Acoustic Artists, King, NuJazz, Naxos jazz4ever, Soulnote, Nueva Records, AA Records, Splasch Records, Axis Records, Cathexis Records, Cathexis Records, and many more.


Selected Recordings

1) Tony Moreno “Trio Music” w/ Bill Gerhardt and Mike Holstein (Art of Life)
2) Jurgen Friedrich Trio “Seismo” w/ John Hebert (Pirouet)
3) Dave Phillips and Freedance “Live in France” w/ John O’Gallagher and Rez Abbasi (France Musique/Sound Street Records)
4) Marc Mommaas and Global Motion w Nicolaj Hess, John Hebert and Rez Abbasi (Sunnyside)
5) Ole Matthiessen “Chinese Horoscope” w/ Russ Lossing and Francois Moutin (
6) Kendra Shank “The Abbey Lincoln Songbook” w/ Frank Kimbrough, Dean Johnson, Ben Monder, Billy Drewes and Gary Versace (Challenge)
7) Doug Beavers Rovira “Nine” w/ Alex Sipiagin, Marc Mommaas, Boris Koslov, Henry Hey, Kenny Rampton, Max Seigel and Jon Iradagon (for more info and purchase online contact:
8) Bruce Arnold “Blue Lotus” w/ Ratzo Harris (Muse Eek)
9) Spooky Actions w/ John Gunther, Bruce Arnold and Dave Phillips “Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time” (Muse Eek)
10) Frank Kimbrough “Noumena”w/ Ben Monder and Scott Robinson (Soul Note)
11) Rez Abbasi “Modern Memory” w/ Gary Thomas, Michael Formenak, Tim Hagens and Scott Whitfield (Cathexis)
12) Roberto Bonati and the ParmaFrontiere Orchestra “The Blanket of the Dark: A Study for Lady Macbeth” (MM Records)
13) Ron Horton featuring Antonio Zambrini “It’s a Gadget World” w/Ben Allison (ABEAT;
14) Gene Ess: “One World Tribe” w/ Lonnie Plaxico, Ravi Coltrane and Takuya Nakamura (King)
15) Viola Trio w/ Paolo Botti and Salvatore Maire (Caligo)
16) Alex Heitlinger “The Daily Life of Uncle Roger” w/Matt Clohsey, Erik Deutch, Shane Endsley and Mike McGinnis ( for purchase)
17) Global Motion Plays the Music of Nicolaj Hess w/ John Hebert, Ben Monder, Marc Mommaas and Jeff Ballard (percussion, cajon) (Stunt)
18) OK/OK w/ Kyoko Kitamura, Khabu Young and Mike McGinnis (RKM)
19) Yan Pevzner w/ Martin Wind and Sam Newsome (Challenge)
20) Jurgen Friedrich Trio w/ John Hebert “Live at The Loft”in Koln/compilation CD (
21) Jurgen Friedrich Quartet w/ John Hebert and Dave Liebman “Live in Munich” 2008 (DRR/GmbH/2008/to be released)
22) David Phillips and Freedance w/Rez Abbasi, John O’Gallagher and David Phillips (Naxos Jazz)
23) Kendra Shank “Mosaic” w/ Billy Drewes, Dean Johnson, Frank Kimbrough and Ben Monder (Challenge 2009)
24) NYNDK w/Chris Washburne, Ole Matthiesen, Per Matthiesen, Soren Christiansen (
25) Jurgen Freidrich Trio w/ John Hebert “Pollack” (Pirouet 2009)
26) Fred Favarel “The Search” w/ Ritchie Beirach, Peter Herbert, Dave Pietro, John O’Gallagher, Tim Ries, Oscar Noriega, Mark Feldman and Erik Friedlander (AA Recordings) 27) Jarry Singla-Bruce Arnold-Ratzo Harris-Tony Moreno (Muse-Eek 2009)
28) Bruce Arnold Trio “Multiplicity” w/Ratzo Harris (Muse-Eek 2009)
29) Gabe Cummins “If You Were You” w/Gian Tornatore, Johannes Wallman and Steve Lucas 2008
30) Jurgen Friedrich “Live at The Bird’s Eye” w/John Hebert (Labe/CR Basel)
31) Ole Mattheisen “The Elements” w/Francois Moutin and Kenny Wessel (2009)
32) Diana Perez “Sunday Sketches” w/Bill Gerhardt, Masa Kamaguchi, Ron Horton and Jed Levy (Timeless)
33) Diane Hubka “Look No Further” w/John Hart, Frank Kimbrough, Dean Johnson and Scott Whitfield (A Records)
34) Tatsuo Aoki Quartet (MPS/Jazz Stop)
35) Chuck Marohnic “Trios” w/ Dave Phillips, David Friesen, Dwight Killian, Dom Moio and Joe LaBarbara (Sanctuary)
36) Piacentini-Bonati-McCandless-Moreno “Circles” w/Mario Piacentini, Roberto Bonati and Paul McCandless (Nueva)
37) Diana Perez “7” w/ Ron Horton, Marc Mommaas, Bill Gerhardt and Chris Berger (Timeless)
38) Yan Pevzner “State of Mind” w/ Martin Wind (Challenge)
39) Spooky Actions “Schoenberg: Five Piano Pieces” (Muse Eek)
40) Roberto Bonati and the ParmaFrontiere Orchestra “A Silvery Silence: Fragments from Moby Dick” (MM Records)
41) Chastang-Sylvester Sextet w/ Jorge Sylvester, Miguel Angel Chastang, Marti Cuevas, Valentin Alvarez, and additional guest artists (MPS/Jazz Stop)
42) Jurgen Friedrich Trio w/ John Hebert (Pirouet 2008)
43) Marc Momaas w/ Nate Radley, Rez Abbasi and Vic Juris (to be released 2010 Sunnyside)
44) Riccardo Luppi: “Moire Signum” w/ Steffano Battaglia and Paolino della Porta (Black Saint)
45) Pablo Guerrero w/ Miguel Herrero (Sonophon)
46) Haze Greenfield “Providence” w/ Jaki Byard and Dean Johnson (Owl)
47) Roberto Bonati “Silent Voices” w/ Riccardo Luppi and Stefano Battaglia (Splasc(H) Records)
48) NYNDK w/Chris Washburne, Ole Matthiesen, Per Matthiesen, Soren Christiansen and Ray Vega (
49) Riccardo Luppi Ensemble “Some More Chances” w/Fulvio Maras, Stefano Bataglia, Roberto Bonati, Luca Bonvini, Beppe Caruso, Giampaolo Casati, Danielle Cavallanti, Claudio Fasoli, Riccardo Fassi, Fiorenzo Gualandris, Piero Leveratto, Alberto Mandarini, Marco Micheli, Stefano Montaldo, Naco, Giampiero Prina, Lauro Rossi, Paolo Rossi and Francesco Sotgiu (Splasc(H) Records)
50) Mario Piacentini “Canto Atavico” w/ Roberto Bonati (Splasc(H) Records)
51) Hayes Greenfield w/ Paul Bley and Dean Johnson (unreleased)
52) Ari Frankel “Ocean of Love” w/Janice Pendarvis, Sean Altman, Pierre Bensusan, Veronica Nunn and other invited guests (BMR Records)
53) Riccardo Luppi: “Mnemosine” w/Steffano Battaglia and Paolino della Porta (Black Saint)
54) Lee McLure w/Chris Hunter, Bob Albanese and Ratzo Harris (2009)
55) Freidrich-Hebert-Moreno “Surfacing” w/Jurgen Friedrich and John Hebert (Naxos Jazz)
56) Dave Phillips and Freedance “Prayer” w/John O’Gallagher, Rez Abbasi and Dave Phillips (Sound Street Records)
57) Steve Doyle “Presence” w/ Chris Potter, Steve Doyle and Dave Stryker (Axis)
58) Friedrich-Hebert-Moreno “Resistance” (Schoener Horen Music)
59) Jean Sebastien Simonoviez w/ Jean Jaques Avanel
60) Javier Moreno w/ George Dulin and George Garzone (2010 release date)
61) Mario Piacentini “Frozen Pools” w/ Roberto Bonati (Splasc(H) Records)
62) Peggy Stern "Actual Size" w / John McKenna, Ron Horton, Art Barron, Harvie S. Arthur Kell, Bernard Purdie and Memo Acevedo (Koch)
63.) Hayes Greenfield “Light Shade Shadow” w/ Neal Kirkwood and Dean Johnson (dots & lines)
64.) Oscar Luna (2010 release date) w/ Frank Kimbrough, Dean Johnson, Chris Washburn, Ole Matthiesen, Boris Koslov, Ralph Allessi, Dave Liebman and Jack Wilkins 65.) Juergen Friedrich Trio w/ John Hebert and Dave Liebman (German National radio DRR GmbH; Osnabrude, 1/2005/not released)
66.) Elvin Jones “The Main Force” (Vanguard Records) Tony plays shekere on “Song of Rejoicing after returning from a hunt”; Elvin’s arrangement of the djoboko rhythm of the Ba-Banzele pygmie; percussion arrangement by Gene Perla
67.) Dean Johnson Trio w/ Art Lande (not released)
68.) Javier Sanchez Moreno w/George Dulin and George Garzone (to be released 2010)



1) DVD: The Lounge Lizards “Live in Tokyo” (CBS/Sony)
2) DVD: Barry Harris: “Madrid Concert” (RTVE)
3) DVD: Spooky Actions "Live in Moscow" (MuseEek)
4) DVD: Mal Waldron Trio (RTVE)
5) DVD: “Different Drummer” Tony interviews Elvin Jones at the Village Vanguard (Rhapsody)



Mordy Ferber “Live at the Blue Note” NYC #1 w/ Dave Leibman and Richard Bona (, Mordy Ferber “Live at the Blue Note” NYC #2 w/ George Garzone and Eddie Gomez (, Timucin Sahin “Live in Istanbul” w/Greg Osby and Hans Glawishnig (



Reel 13 Shorts Winner (2009) WNET/PBS New York City w/OkOk



NYU Jazz Studies Program
Columbia University Louis Armstrong Jazz Program City College of New York Jazz Studies Published text: “Rhythmic Studies for All Instruments” (Muse Eek -



NYU Manhattan School of Music Private Studies w/Elvin Jones, Stan Koor, Bob Moses, Al “Toodie” Heath, James Priess and Freddie Waits




Diane Klixbull Dance Company (music for oboe, bass clarinet, marimba, cello, violin, viola, piano and percussion-premiered at Merce Cunningham Dance Studios)
National Geographic documentaries. Various CD composer contributions.
Tony Moreno CD “Trio Music”


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